Sunday, May 22, 2011

top 5 overrated movies

5.the curious case of benjamin button
the number one thing that gets me is the plot of the story its just so stupid that the plot is runied by that its why would you think of a think like that. a baby who is left at a door step looks really old and as he grows up he looks when hes 80 years old he looks like a little baby.also its boring

4.Paranormal Activity
the reasons i hate this movie is becouse its not scary at all its not suspencefull its not becouse its like hes holding the camera the whole time no becouse i like the blair whitch during the whole film its supose some of the film is actural actors and some actors i cant tell the diffrence i dont know which is which

3.No Country for Old Men  
this movie was was terrbile all it is is just so boring this guy is trying to find someone and all he does is flip a coin and kill people i mean its sounds coo lit really is not but i got to adimit that the think he mainly kills with it is cool its compressed ait and but he still uses it to much and its lond and boring and slow its just not the film for me

2.Inglourious Basterds
this movie was boring i mean this movie looked so cool i mean it looked awsome i mean i can still watch the trailer and get excited but all you do during the movie is read becouse its basted in world war 2 that means its in germany and they speak german and you have to read subtitles about what they are saying so it gets really boring so only good parts are the last 30 minutes thats where all the action is aand it does not save the movie

this movie was everywere and i really wanted to see it its kinda cool to see the enviorment of the things and just like Inglourious Basterdsthe only good parts were at the end and it does not save thr movie